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I founded my company in 1982 because I had a burning desire to share my passion for natural living with millions of Australians, so they could lead healthy lives. Over 30 years later nothing has changed. At Caruso's Natural Health we absolutely love what we do and this love goes into every product we make. We source the world’s finest ingredients to create the highest quality formulas that’s why we believe it’s the way we make it that makes all the difference! To make it easier to find the right formula for you, our products are divided into six different categories – all with my 100% Money Back Guarantee. Click on a category below to view associated products or click here to view our entire range.
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Stress Clear

Feeling Stressed About your Life?

We all suffer from stress from time to time. As you probably are aware, it can affect your emotions as well as your behaviour.

More and more Australians are experiencing stress in their daily lives, the passionate experts at Caruso’s Natural Health have developed Stress CLEAR. If you’re feeling stressed, don’t worry! Caruso’s Stress Clear is an anti-stress formula jam packed with herbs to meet the increased demands of stress on your life. It may help relieve stress associated with work and study! The herbs found in Caruso’s Stress Clear include Siberian ginseng and Panax ginseng. Plus it contains a special extract of the herb Withania called KSM 66.

Relief of stress symptoms
Siberian ginseng may be beneficial during times of stress. It is known as an ‘adaptogen’ because it may allow your body to adapt to stress and change more effectively. Whilst Panax ginseng may also help in the relief of symptoms associated with your stress. It may aid your body’s resistance to stress.
The herbal extract KSM 66 has sedative properties and may assist with stress and mild anxiety. Also, the herb which KSM 66 is extract from, Withania, is traditionally used for nervous exhaustion due to stress.

Having problems sleeping?
Well the good news is the extract KSM 66 may assist with your insomnia.

Help for your energy, stamina and fatigue
Stress can affect your energy levels. The Siberian ginseng in Caruso’s Stress Clear is used in traditional Chinese medicine to increase energy and vitality. It may assist with fatigue, endurance and performance.
In traditional Chinese medicine Panax ginseng is an energy tonic. It has been included in this formula because it may help promote an improvement in your physical and mental performance. It may help support in the relief of fatigue related symptoms.

Support for your immune system
The Panax ginseng found in Caruso’s Stress Clear is traditionally used to support your immune system. Caruso’s Stress Clear may also assist with your general wellbeing.

100% Money Back Guarantee
Caruso’s Stress Clear is guaranteed to meet our high quality standards and is made under strict manufacturing processes. We are very confident about Caruso’s Stress CLEAR. So much so, we’re offering you a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Click on the Money Back Guarantee logo on the left of this page for further details.

If you’re feeling stressed try Caruso’s Stress Clear !

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Active Ingredients. Each tablet contains:
Withania somnifera root
(KSM-66® – Ashwagandha) 3.75g (3750mg)
Eleutherococcus senticosus root
(Siberian Ginseng) 1g (1000mg)
Standardised to Syringaresinol diglucosides 534mcg
Panax ginseng root
(Korean Ginseng)500mg
Standardised to Ginsenosides 12.5mg


Adults take 1 tablet 2 times a day with main meals, or as advised by your Healthcare Professional.

Warnings and Contra-Indications:

Consult a Healthcare Professional if currently taking Warfarin, blood sugar medication, insulin, or blood pressure medication due to potential additive effects caused by Korean Ginseng. Take at least 2 hours away from pharmaceutical medications.

Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your Healthcare Professional.


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Caruso's Stress Clear is available in 30 and 60 tablets from leading Health Food Stores and Pharmacies. For more information on this remarkable formula please call our qualified Naturopaths or Customer Service Representatives on 1300 304 480 during office hours (Sydney time).